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Thirroul Podiatry offer diagnosis and treatment of all foot complaints. From leg, heel and foot pain, to ingrown toenails and corns. As well as mitigating risks of the diabetic foot. At the clinic we perform detailed gait analysis.using state of the art technology which provides data that cannot be captured with the naked eye. This data aids us in giving patients footwear advice and/or the making of custom made foot orthotics. We also stock öff the shelf" orthotics. Private health funds will provide rebates for orthotics purchased from Podiatrists. Medicare rebates are also provided if patients have a care plan from their GPs. Feel free to call for an appointment.

Address: 2 Raymond Rd, Thirroul NSW 2515

Trading Hours
Mon: 9am till 2pm
Wed: 9.30pm till 7pm
Thurs & Fri: 9am till 5pm

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